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Patagonia Restaurants Still Cooking – Asking Public For Continued Support

By Hilde Kate Lysiak


Restaurants in Patagonia may not be able to seat customers, but are still open and in need of support. The OSN went to local eateries to ask workers how the people can support them through this ongoing crisis.

  • At the Gathering Grounds employee Crystal Donaldson told the Orange Street News that the best way to support the local restaurant is by coming in and ordering one of their delicious baked goods, like the lemon bar, or ordering hot breakfast to go. Customers are welcome to sit outside at one of the picnic tables and dine in the sunlight.

Asked how long can the Gathering Grounds can stay open under the crisis, Donaldson answered, “It makes it hard because other people are out of work to so as much as they want to support us, they can’t.”

She hopes leaders in Washington can do more to support small businesses.

“Washington can support smaller business maybe by giving us tax breaks,” said Donaldson.

At the Wagon Wheel, owner Donald Hawkins is asking customers to please come in and order one of their famous burgers to go. “Ordering take-out is a way to support us,” Hawkins told the OSN.

Hawkins hopes that the politicians stop arguing and move quickly to help the business.

“I know they have some plans in motion but it would help if they speed those up. It would be nice if they could get money in the hands of everyone who needs it,” said Hawkins.

Oven’s of Patagonia owner Bonnie Maclean told the Orange Street News that they had reduced hours, but were doing fine.

“Keep coming in. Don’t be afraid to come in, we are very clean and are keeping things safe,” Maclean told the OSN.

At the Wild Horse the kitchen is still cooking orders for takeout, but the virus has already had an effect on business, according to owner Gerry Isaac.

Stage Stop Inn/Wild Horse owner Gerry Isaac Photo HKL

“We have already had a lot of cancellations because people don’t want to travel anymore. If it [businesses are ordered to close] happens, then it would seriously depress business,” Isaac told the Orange Street News. 

Last week Crown B Taqueria announced on it’s Facebook page that it will be closed in an effort to help public safety.

“The safety of our costumers and employees is very very important to us and we do not take this lightly! We appreciate EVERYONES SUPPORT!” Read a recent post on Crown B Taqueria’s Facebook page signed by owners James and Alexis Banks.

Howeverr, before closing, James and Alexis Banks, the owners of Crown B Taqueria has announced they were donating all of their food to the Patagonia Senior Center and Youth Center.

“We donated all of our food to the Youth Center and Senior Center. Thirty pounds of chicken, tortillas, rice, basically any fresh food we had,” Banks told the OSN.

“Last night we donated boxes and boxes of tacos to anyone who stopped by and saw our sign,” added Banks.

In addition to the Crown B Taqueria, many of Patagonia’s most popular businesses and tourist attractions have already shut down including the Hummingbird Sanctuary, Nature Conservancy, and the smoothie shop inside of the Patagonia Fitness Center.

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