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Homophobic Vandals in Grove?


By Hilde Kate Lysiak

Are these vandals homophobic?

Someone wrote dirty messages on a window at 202 S. Market Street that include slurs. Its unknown how long the dirty message has been up — but residents have reported seeing it for at least several days.

The OSN will not write the full message because it is graphic, but one resident when asked about it was disgusted.

“Its unfortunate,” Grove resident Lis Bickhart told the Orange Street News.

No one answered the door of the home when a reporter knocked and it appeared vacant.

There have been no reports of homophobia in Selinsgrove, leading one resident to believe it is probably just harmless children.

“Guessing it a group of kids who think they are funny and have too much time on their hands,” one resident told the OSN.

If anyone has any information or wants to report further vandalism please contact


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