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EXCLUSIVE BREAKING Vandal Attacks Selinsgrove Commons!


By Hilde Kate Lysiak

Plant vandals struck the Selinsgrove Commons on Friday night.

This time the plant-hater tipped one of the large planters over, spreading a mess of dirt everywhere, and made off with a large shrub.

“Its such a shame. Why would someone do that kind of a thing to such a nice place,” one resident told the Orange Street News.

A witness told the OSN that a group of teens were spotted at the commons late that night. Its unclear if they were the vandals.

“Its very upsetting because we have volunteers who help raise the money for the flowers and to see someone rip them up really upsets me,” Carol Handlin told the Orange Street News last October, after a separate time the commons was vandalized.

“I don’t know who is doing this but now we are putting up cameras,” she told the Orange Street News. Its unclear whether there is footage of the latest crime.

Cases of vandalism have been on the rise in Selinsgrove.

Menaces have been tearing up plants, stealing lights, egging houses, defacing gravestones, damaging local businesses, and even leaving drugs at the park.

Police say they are helpless to stop the vandalism, and have instead told residents to keep their cars in their garage to prevent damage.

Even a picture of one of the vandals wasn’t enough. 

The Borough promises a fifth police officer will be on patrol this Spring.

Any one with information or to report cases of vandalism please email



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