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Local Journalist Claims To Be Harassed By Borough Council

March, 22, 2016

By Hilde Kate Lysiak

A local journalist claims that the Borough Council is trying to stop his ability to report the news — and the public from being part of the meetings.

Vincent Stoops, a journalist who reports for the news website Selinsgrove Concerned Citizens, says the Borough Council doesn’t want the public to see what is happening behind closed doors.

“We use our tax dollars to pay for what happens at the Borough so we deserve the right to watch what is happening,” Stoops told the Orange Street News.

Stoops told the News that council members are also going to try to limit public comment because the Borough is embarrassed by the residents of Selinsgrove.

Stoops says Councilman Tim Charles “verbally attacks” Stoops for trying to report at the meetings and Charles said the public had to be kept out because it was an “embarrassment” to the community.

In an email to the Orange Street News, Councilman Charles says he never said that and also that Stoops will continue to be allowed to report the news.

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