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“Turd Sandwich” for Attorney General? Snyder County Write-in Vote are in!


By Hilde Kate Lysiak

“Turd Sandwich” for Attorney General?

That would be a reality if one Snyder County write-in voter had their way!

Republican Donald Trump may have beaten Democrat Hillary Clinton in Snyder County with 11,710 votes to Hillary Clinton’s 3,991. But not everyone was satisfied with the two main candidates.

Aside from “Turd Sandwich,” other popular write-in votes included Ohio Governor John Kasich who received four votes, along with Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders each received two votes.

In the votes for the Senator General Assembly of the 27th District “Dengel e Berry,” “Someone is Green,” and “God” each received one vote.

“Some Dunbus” received one vote for the 108th District.

“Turd Sandwich” was not available for comment.


3 comments on ““Turd Sandwich” for Attorney General? Snyder County Write-in Vote are in!

  1. Gary Hillard
    November 17, 2016

    Hey, I’d votre for Turd Sandwich over quite a few folks…


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