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By Hilde Kate Lysiak

As temperatures plunge, local officials have been working hard to get Little Norway open.

Borough Manager Paul Williams is hopeful that Mother Mature will cooperate and provide “a sustained period of below freezing temperatures” for more than 5 consecutive days in order to sustain the outdoor pond at Little Norway II.

“I am hopeful that Little Norway II and the warming building will open soon,” Borough Manager Paul Williams told the Orange Street News.

Council person and Parks & Recreation board member Shane Hendricks has been hard at work to get the rink in shape for skating, according to Williams.

“Mr. Hendricks …flooded the pond with creek water to fill the voids in the earth in order to remove air bubbles. The ground then freezes and provides a base to build upon; filling the pond with additional creek water and waiting for it to freeze, creating a surface for ice skating. The initial steps have been accomplished, however, by Wednesday of this week, the daytime temperatures will exceed 32 degrees. The process becomes more challenging as the angle of the sun increases in the sky during the daytime hours,” William’s told the Orange Street News in an email. is calling for above average temperatures with a high on Wednesday of 55 degrees.

On October 25 the borough installed a new water line and added more light to the popular skating rink on Water Street in Selinsgrove.
“We put a new one [ water line] in because the other one was old,”the Director of Public works told the Orange Street News.

Williams warns that despite their hard work there are no guarantees when the popular skating rink will open.

“It takes perseverance, the right elements and a committed group of community volunteers to make it happen,” Williams told the OSN.


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