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Maryland Woman Brings Grove Vandal to Justice Earns OSN Cash Reward!

April 27, 2017

By Hilde Kate Lysiak

An eagle-eyed retiree from Maryland helped out a Selinsgrove business owner, brought a another student/crook to justice, and earned herself a $100 reward from the Orange Street News!

The OSN obtained exclusive video footage that showed someone stealing the large sign in front of Uniquely Sakura on February 25th. The location of the sign had remained a mystery, until Vina, a retired medical worker, spotted it in an unusual place —  leaning against a fence near a local school — in Catonsville, Maryland.

“I was walking my dog about a week ago and I saw this sign leaning against the fence,” Vina told the Orange Street News from her home in Catonsville. “I thought, that doesn’t look right.”

So as soon as Vina got home she got on her computer and began to investigate.

“I Google searched the words on the sign and I was able to get an address. I found out it was a store in Selinsgrove,” she said.

The signs owner, Cheri DeSiena, says she was shocked to receive the call.

“I was floored,” Cheri DeSiena told the Orange Street News in an exclusive interview. “I was just totally astounded that my sign could get that far away.”

After Vina got off the phone she went back to the school to get the sign. Next, law enforcement were brought up to speed.

Sources told the OSN that security immediately cross checked every student at Susquehanna University to see if any had links to that town. They got a hit. An SU student from Catonsville happened to be at his home town on Spring break around the time the sign was recovered.

After they confronted the student with their evidence, he confessed to stealing the missing sign, putting in his trunk, driving it to Maryland and then dumping outside of the school after the OSN announced the cash reward.

Vina is thrilled that the sign is going back home. “When you are out on walks you find a lot of things. I’m just so glad that the sign is going back to its rightful owner.”

The OSN put a $100 reward out for the person who helped recover the sign and will be mailing Vina her reward check for $100 on Friday.

For now, the sign is still being held at her house. She is hoping the student recovers it soon to bring it back

“It is a nice sign,” said Vina. “I’m kind of surprised no one has picked it up yet.”

It isn’t the first time DeSiena has had to deal with students.

DeSiena said students at Susquehanna University have caused destruction to her property before with her own eyes.


“It was only about a year ago I watched a group of students trample on the one (sign) that I had on the corner of water and walnut. So its not the first time,” DeSiena told the OSN.

Vandalism of all kinds has been a serious problem in Selinsgrove.

Last month a patriotic Selinsgrove women had her flag stolen — for the tenth time!

On April 2nd, police caught a Susquehanna University student allegedly ripping up the plants at the Commons. In an exclusive interview, the student confessed to the destruction to the OSN. 

Menaces have also been stealing campaign signs, shooting bb guns, stealing lights, and even leaving drugs at the park.

Last week more sign-stealing bandits struck Tudor House Pies, which opened two months ago at 460 Market Street. The sign was put on the ground at the intersection of Routes 35 and Market Street in Selinsgrove Thursday evening, owner Daniel Ross told the Orange Street News.

If anyone has any information on where the missing sign is please contact Hilde Lysiak at

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