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EXCLUSIVE: Alleged Grove “KKK” Member Charged with Ethnic Intimidation.


August 3rd, 2017

By Hilde Kate Lysiak

A Selinsgrove women who allegedly claimed to belong to the “KKK” was charged with “Ethnic Intimation” after allegedly called her Dominican neighbor a “wet back” while warning him to “get the F*** out of this country,” according to police.

Police claim that the trouble began after Stephanie C Mideaker was having a “civil issue” with Ronald Rodriquez, who lives in the apartment above her on 19 S 3rd Street. It is unclear what the civil issue was. However, on 7/19/2017 the dispute took a turn for the worse after the Rodriguez allegedly complained to his landlord. After finding out about the complaint, Mideaker allegedly sent off the threatening message from her Facebook account.

The message allegedly read:

“Don’t fuck with me wet back im wrong fucking person i belong to the kkk and they will fuck you up Dominican fuck your a fat pig and your girl friend porky the pig and miss piggy get the fuck out of this country your dirty mother fucker lose some weight fat pig,” read the criminal complaint.

Mideaker was charged with Harassment and Ethnic Intimation.

The Orange Street News attempted several doorknocks at Mideaker’s house, but no one responded. The OSN will update the story with response if it comes to get both sides of the story.

A hearing will be held at 1025 US RT 522 Selinsgrove PA on 8/28 at 9:15.

4 comments on “EXCLUSIVE: Alleged Grove “KKK” Member Charged with Ethnic Intimidation.

  1. John S. R. Lawrence
    August 4, 2017

    As objectionable as the post is, we should remember that we do have the right of free speech that is guaranteed by the constitution. When this right is denied we all loose. Threats to life and limb are not protected, however.
    John S. R. Lawrence


  2. Jack Connolly
    August 4, 2017

    Exactly. A threat of violence is NOT “free speech.” The phrase “i belong to the kkk and they will fuck you up” can be reasonably construed to be a threat against Mr. Rodriguez and his girlfriend.


  3. Bob Palya
    August 4, 2017

    please be careful whose door you knock on


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