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Man Charged with “Terroristic Threats” After Allegedly Threatening to “Kill All Pigs”

September 19, 2017
By Hilde Kate Lysiak
A shoe-less Waynesboro man found wandering around Selinsgrove was charged with terroristic threats after allegedly telling an officer that he was going to “Kill all pigs” on 9/7/17.
Ryan Robert Roberts, 38, was stopped by police while he was walking down N. Susquehanna Trail after they alleged he was limping and “wearing only socks on his feet,” according to police.
After stopping Robert,s police found there was a warrant out for his arrest on robbery charges. But when police tried to arrest him the real trouble began, according to law enforcement.
“Once we did get the door shut and attempted to transport the defendant back to PSP Selinsgrove he began to kick out the rear passenger window in attempt to get free. The defendant was then forcibly removed from the patrol vehicle  and Hobbled to prevent any further damage to the vehicle and to prevent any harm to himself. At this time the defendant began to threaten trooper Heinzelman saying he was going to kill him and stab him, “read the criminal complaint.
“The defendant also related how he was going to kill all police on multiple occasions,” including “all pigs,” the police claim.
In addition to Terroristic Threats Roberts was charged with Resisting arrest, Disorderly Conduct, and Criminal Mischief.
A hearing will be held on 9/21 at 10:00 at 1025 US RT 522 Selinsgrove.

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