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Grove Waitress Allegedly Hides Stolen Tip Moneys in Bra, Says She Doesn’t Remember and Blames “Blackouts.”

By Hilde Kate Lysiak
November 5, 2017

A Selinsgrove waitress allegedly blamed her “black outs” after tips earned by other wait staff turned up in her underwear on 11/21/17, according to police.

A waitress at Denny’s in Selinsgrove complained to her manager after tips that costumers were leaving her had gone missing from her table. The manager checked the security footage. Heather Elizabeth Rothrock, allegedly was seen on security footage stealing tips. The manager called police. Rothrock told police she might have stolen the tips, but wasn’t sure because she had a medical condition, according to police.

“Rothrock stated that she did not remember taking the money and has a history of “blacking out.”She also related that she was not denying taking the money but she was unaware of where she would have put the tips,” read the criminal complaint.

The missing tip money of $24 was later found in her underwear, according to police.

“..probation later arrived on the scene and took Rothrock into custody soon after probation left the scene with Rothrock I was notified that Rothrock had admitted to probation that she had taken the money and hid it in her bra,” read the criminal complaint.

Rothrock was charged with theft.

A hearing will be held on 1/02 at 10:45 at us rt 522 in Selinsgrove.


One comment on “Grove Waitress Allegedly Hides Stolen Tip Moneys in Bra, Says She Doesn’t Remember and Blames “Blackouts.”

  1. Jessica Suphan
    December 5, 2017

    Oh my god. I’d love to see how the hearing goes on January 2nd, if you’re able to go and report on that! It’d be fascinating to see how her “black outs” get handled and whether she actually has them and can prove it/has them but can’t prove it medically thanks to not being able to see a doctor/was totally making them up.


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