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Breakfast Returns to Grove! New Restaurant Opening on Market Soon!



By Hilde Kate Lysiak

December 6, 2017

A new business is coming to Selinsgrove, hoping to provide a sit down restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch, for Selinsgrove residents.

The Whetstone Kitchen will be coming to 11 S Market St. in Selinsgrove, where Emma’s Food for Life recently was before it closed earlier this year. Owner Geoff Oldham, says he hopes to open his doors to the public during the second week of January.

The restaurant will offer lunch, and finally give Selinsgrove it’s first sit down place that serves a full breakfast since Michael’s closed.

“I feel like Selinsgrove has kind of a hole in the market, there are definitely places to go out to eat but when it comes to breakfast there is really no place to go and sit down and eat a full breakfast,” Oldham told the Orange Street News.

Like Emma’s Food for Life, Oldham likes to keep things as local as possible. He says he is excited to serve his speciality dish, eggs benedict.

“I’m trying to source everything locally as much as possible. We are going to have everything from omelets to my take on eggs benedict,” Oldham said.

Oldham says that he is exited to have a business of his own after working for other businesses for so long and plans on employing three to five workers.

“I have been working in restaurants for 27 years and I have invested my time at my ideas for other people, it’s time for me to invest in myself and do something I believe in,” owner Geoff Oldham told the Orange Street News.

News of the opening is needed in Selinsgrove, where the once busy main shopping strip on Market Street is now full of empty store fronts and for rent signs.

2 comments on “Breakfast Returns to Grove! New Restaurant Opening on Market Soon!

  1. Anonymous
    December 8, 2017

    The Peppertree has been serving a sit down breakfast to the Selinsgrove area for over 20 years


  2. Anonymous
    January 28, 2018

    is the peppertree on market street?


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