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Woman Allegedly Needs “Spear” to Defend Herself During Fight. Local Man Charged with Assault

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By Hilde Kate Lysiak



A local man was charged with simple assault after his former girlfriend claimed she needed to defend herself with a sharp spear after being physically assaulted, according to police.


Dorian Patrick Baylor, 19, was having a verbal dispute with his girlfriend over relationship problems when the argument turned violent on at 9/12/2018 in their Shamokin Dam apartment, according to police


The alleged victim told police that “the Defendant, threw her cell phone against the wall of the residents, smashing her phone which was her only means of communication at the residents.”


“The victim stated the same as the defendant that the incident began as a verbal dispute, and then became physical, after the defendant began to yell at her, to which she put her finger in his face, the defendant then grabbed her right arm and twisted it, almost knocking her to the ground,” read the criminal complaint.


The alleged victim was so afraid she grabbed a spear to protect herself, according to police.


“The victim grabbed the spear/stick and pointed it in the direction of the defendant due to fear that she was seriously going to be injured by him due to his aggressive behavior and anger.”


Once inside, police allegedly found a glass bong, and a small weight scale.


The alleged victim requested an ambulance due to her shoulder pain but refused to go because it was too expensive, according to police.


Baylor was charged with “Simple Assault,” “Harassment,” and other charges.


A hearing will be held on, 10/10 at 10:30, at 1025, rt 522, in Selinsgrove PA.

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