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Vandal Back? Vandal Strikes Grove Commons!

By Hilde Kate Lysiak
October 4, 2018
The Selinsgrove plant vandal has allegedly struck again at the Selinsgrove Commons!
Sources told the Orange Street News that the alleged plant menace was caught ripping up the mums and throwing them on the sidewalk at 2 am Sunday morning.
T For many years, vandalism has been a serious problem in Selinsgrove — especially at the Commons.
In the summer of, 2016 trees and plants were repeatedly found ripped up and thrown to the ground.
On April 2nd 2017, police caught a Susquehanna University student allegedly ripping up the plants at the Commons.
An exclusive Orange Street News investigation not only discovered the identity of the vandal, but got a taped confession.In an exclusive interview, the student confessed to the destruction to the OSN. (CLICK ON VIDEO ABOVE TO HEAR THE CONFESSION).
Police did not have a comment at the time of deadline but the OSN will update.
If anyone has any information about this recent act of vandalism please contact

One comment on “Vandal Back? Vandal Strikes Grove Commons!

  1. Roger Rogers
    October 31, 2018

    Maybe it is time to shut down SU. Those animals have ruined our town!


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