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Dog Fight in the Grove?


By Hilde Kate Lysiak

October, 8, 2018

Has a dog fight broken out in Selinsgrove?

Two Market Street businesses, the Wicked Dog and Bella’s Pizza, which are located right across the street from each other may both be fighting for Selinsgrove’s hot dog eaters, but one of the owners insists it is no competition.

It is hard to miss the $1.00 hot dogs hanging up outside of Bella’s Pizza when walking through Market St, which are located nearly directly across from the Wicked Dog, a hot dog selling establishment. In total, there are five large signs advertising the hot dogs.

“Wacky Friday Free Hot Dog Day!” screams one of the signs on top of Bella’s Pizza, which is advertising a free hot dog with any purchase.  Another sign advertises “Dollar Dogs.”

Meanwhile, the cheapest hot dog at Wicked Dog starts at $2.00, according to the menu posted outside.

A manager at The Wicked Dog was in no mood to talk when a reporter for the Orange Street News showed up to ask if the situation was getting hot.

When asked how he felt about the dollar dogs across the street he said, “I’m not going to comment.”

Given the opportunity to explain why Grove residents should buy a hot dog from the Wicked Dog the manager replied, “I won’t talk about that.”

But Bella’s owner, Domenico Napoli, claimed that their selling of hot dogs has nothing to do with any rivalry with The Wicked Dog.

“I don’t think about The Wicked Dog when I do something in my business, but the reason of the hot dogs, and the Hamburgers, and the pretzels, {are that} we run the concession stand for the past few years at the local swimming pool, {The Selinsgrove Pool} this year it rained almost every other day so we purchased so much stuff. Once the season was over we cleaned out the concession stand to bring everything back that we didn’t use (sell) we had a few cases of hot dogs, and what were we gonna do? We talked to costumers, and they said, why don’t you just put it for the kids. We practically give them away, were not trying to sell anything, at the end its for the kids… So I figured we already purchased the hot dogs instead of wasting them why not give them away, to the kids and to the community,” Napoli, told the Orange Street News.

“The kids from the high school, they come in here, and either they forget to bring money, or something, so I figure I give them free hot dogs for the high school kids. Its all about pleasing your clientele, that’s about it,” added Napoli.


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