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Local Man Charged After Drugs Allegedly Found in Sock!

By Hilde Kate Lysiak


A Sunbury man was charged with several drug related crimes after police followed up on a tip that there was drug activity at a local residence on 5/26/19, according to police.

Joshua Lee Schleig, was busted after police received info about drugs being at a Old Trail address. After police arrived at the residence where the drugs allegedly were, they claim to have witnessed two males exit the residence and drive off in a blue Cadillac with “Illegally” tinted windows. 

Police followed the car then pulled it over due to the car having tinted windows, an expired registration, and an expired inspection sticker. Police then looked at his insurance papers and identified that Schleig allegedly had a warrant out for his arrest. 

“Your affaint was informed/ advised that the defendant was wanted out of Northumberland County and that his driving privilege was suspended ,” read the criminal complaint. 

Police say that is when they found drugs hidden on Schleig in his sock.

Police then went back to the address and checked the residence where they had first got the information. When police knocked on the door, a man answered and police claim they spotted drug paraphernalia in plain sight through the crack in the door. Seeing the drugs gave them the right to search the apartment without a warrant. Inside, they allegedly found meth, Marijuana, brass knuckles other weapons, and various drug paraphernalia. 

“Upon arriving at the apartment at approximately 2115 hours Chief Bremigen could observe a blue spirally pipe commonly used for inhaling/smoking illegal substances laying on a coffee table inside the apartment through the front window along with what appeared to be a glass plate with a razor blade and 2 lines of a white powdery substance,” read the criminal complaint. 

Schleig was charged with drug possession, prohibited offense weapons, and more. 

A hearing was held on 5/28, at 1025 us rt 522 in Selinsgrove  pa. 

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