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Wilmington Man Allegedly Claimed to be FBI Threatened to Kill Family

By Hilde Kate Lysiak


A Wilmington man was charged after allegedly claiming that he was an FBI agent and then threatening to kill people, according to police.

Padraig Robert Hahn, allegedly intoxicated when he entered private property and began screaming, according to police.

“As [VICTIM] wife exited the residence to see what the commotion was Hahn yelled ‘Your both dead, I shot you’ (VICTIM) stated that he repeatedly pleaded with Hahn to leave his property. (VICTIM) stated that Hahn began yelling that he was FBI and that the alpha team was coming to kill (VICTIM),” read the criminal complaint.

Hahn also then allegedly began throwing rocks at the victim’s face.

Hahn was charged with Terroristic Threats, Impersonating a Public Servant, Harassment, Criminal Trespass, and more.

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