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Plant Vandal Strikes Again?




By Hilde Kate Lysiak

Ripped up plants were found this morning at the Selinsgrove Commons.

It was unclear if it is an act of vandalism at the time of publication.

The OSN contacted Borough Manager Paul Williams to ask if there was possible replanting that had caused the mess, but he said also didn’t know.

But vandalism has been a serious problem in Selinsgrove — especially at the Commons.

Last summer trees and plants were repeatedly found ripped up and thrown to the ground.

On April 2nd, police caught a Susquehanna University student allegedly ripping up the plants at the Commons. In an exclusive interview, the student confessed to the destruction to the OSN. 

On Friday a vandal swiped a four foot high custom made wooden sign from outside of Uniquely Sakura, a popular jewelry store located on 22 Walnut Street.

“It is beyond me how someone could remove something of that size at a main intersection of town and not be seen,”Cheri DeSiena, the owner told the Orange Street News.


Last month a patriotic Selinsgrove women had her flag stolen — for the tenth time!

Menaces have also been stealing campaign signs, shooting bb guns, stealing lights, and even leaving drugs at the park.

If anyone has any information please contact

2 comments on “Plant Vandal Strikes Again?

  1. John S. R. Lawrence
    March 2, 2017

    Are there any statistics relating the amount of vandalism and when SU is in/out of session? These events suggest to me that maybe a fraternity might be involved as part of an initiation process. This seems to be a lot of vandalism for a little town. No police patrol at night???

    Other notes: any word from the PA Attorney General about the Fire Department? How about an update story on the FD situation?

    Keep up the good work!



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