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Spider’s Plague Grove Street!


August 24, 2017
By Hilde Kate Lysiak

An invasion of small white spiders have been giving residents of one Selinsgrove street a case of Arachnaphobia.

Thousands of spiders have lined Pine Street near Strawberry Alley with thin white webs, weaving their silk against railings, doors, and Selinsgrove’s $400,000 street lights that were installed last year to “spruce up the city.”

Pine Street resident Kurt Smith has been dealing with the plague of spiders and said the creepers began coming after the expensive lights were first put up.

“The spiders came shortly after the lights were installed,” Smith told the Orange Street News.

Pine Street resident Jerry Bower said now the spiders are everywhere, including inside his apartments.

“Bugs come for light, spiders come for bugs,” Bower told the Orange Street News.

“They are sneaky little devils,” added Bower.

The OSN was unable to confirm the specific type of spider at the time of publication.

Last year twelve street lights were installed at a cost of $400,000 by the borough. Last October the OSN counted that seven out of the twelve lights installed on Pine Street were not working. The lights have since been fixed.








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  1. iris liu
    May 30, 2018

    wow hilde you really worte a book i wish i can be like you but my neighthood id really six house three are empty


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