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Local Man Allegedly Attempted to Strangle His Fianće After A Heated Argument Over Drinking

By Hilde Kate Lysiak


A Milton man was charged after allegedly attempting to strangle his fiancé, on 3/14/19, according to police.

James Samuel Toot, 60, allegedly harassed and beat up (VICTIM) while drunk, after they got into a heated argument over Toot’s drinking.

“[VICTIM] advised that Toot had already left the residence to go to work. [VICTIM] advised she arrived home from work and noticed that Toot had been drinking. [VICTIM] related the pair began to argue concerning Toot’s drinking and the possession of his keys. [VICTIM] advised that the argument escalated when Toot pulled on her arms and then placed her in a head lock which restricted her breathing. [VICTIM] related that she was struggling while in the head lock to free herself to the point that she urinated herself. During the course of the struggle [VICTIM] was forced into a wooden door which caused damage to the door and injuries to her arm. I observed bloody cuts on the [VICTIM’S] left arm and hand and redness on the sides of her neck because of the head lock,” read the criminal complaint.

Toot was charged with Strangulation, Simple Assault, Harassment, and Criminal Mischief.

A hearing will be held on 3/21, at 10:30, at 103 2nd street in Lewisburg Pa.

3 comments on “Local Man Allegedly Attempted to Strangle His Fianće After A Heated Argument Over Drinking

  1. Billie Morelli
    March 28, 2019

    Love your reporting. Seeing you report on various family violence events, may I suggest you be one of the few reporters in the world to choose language that attributes the violent behavior to something other than the victim? The victim did not cause the stabbing by not going to work. Not going to work should not involve any stabbing ever. Something else caused the suspect to stab another human being in the stomach. Keep up the good work. You are a fierce force to be reckoned with.


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