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EXCLUSIVE Stolen Grove Sign Recovered in Maryland! SU Student Suspected!


By Hilde Kate Lysiak

The huge sign that had been stolen last month by two vandals in downtown Selinsgrove has finally been recovered — in Maryland!

A student at Susquehanna confessed to stealing the missing sign, putting in his trunk, and taking it near a middle school in Maryland, police told Cheri DeSiena.

“I was floored,” DeSiena told the Orange Street News in an exclusive interview. “I was just totally astounded that my sign could get that far away.”

DeSiena received a tip yesterday afternoon from a lady in Maryland who saw the missing sign. She immediately contacted Selinsgrove Police Chief Tom Garlock whose investigation led to a confession by the student, DeSiena told the OSN.

The large sign was stolen from outside Uniquely Sakura on February 25th.

Video footage exclusively obtained by the OSN showed vandals first knocking the sign over than picking it up and carrying it away.

Sources told the OSN that the people seen in the footage were spotted minutes early leaving Bots Tavern.

DeSiena has said students at Susquehanna University have caused destruction to her property before with her own eyes.


“It was only about a year ago I watched a group of students trample on the one (sign) that I had on the corner of water and walnut. So its not the first time,” DeSiena told the OSN.

Vandalism has been a serious problem in Selinsgrove.

Last month a patriotic Selinsgrove women had her flag stolen — for the tenth time!

On April 2nd, police caught a Susquehanna University student allegedly ripping up the plants at the Commons. In an exclusive interview, the student confessed to the destruction to the OSN. 

Menaces have also been stealing campaign signs, shooting bb guns, stealing lights, and even leaving drugs at the park.

DeSiena doesn’t have the sign back yet, but expects to be getting it soon.

“I’m just so grateful to get that call,” said DeSiena. “I still don’t know why anyone would do something like that?”

The student will face charges for stealing, according to DeSiena.


3 comments on “EXCLUSIVE Stolen Grove Sign Recovered in Maryland! SU Student Suspected!

  1. John S. R. Lawrence
    April 22, 2017

    I wonder what the SU administration has to say about this event and other similar events. Do they have an expulsion policy for anyone convicted of vandalism? If not, why not? Although they can’t control student behavior off campus it seems to me that they ought to make a strong statement to their students that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated.
    One other question: Are any of the identified vandals members of the same organization? It appears to me that this behavior might be part of a initiation process and if so, the organization should be banned from the SU campus.


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