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EXCLUSIVE: Grove Woman Stands Up To Flag Thieves


April, 20 2016

By Hilde Kate Lysiak

A Selinsgrove woman who had her American flag stolen from outside of her home nine times is determined to not let the unpatriotic thieves keep her from flying the Stars and Stripes.

Grove resident Carol Handlan, whose husband served in Korea, says that over the past year every time she hangs a large American flag above her front door a criminal comes and swipes it right off her property. Handlan would then buy a new flag up, only to have that one stolen too. It happened nine times!

“(The flags) went missing over a year’s time, always late night, early morning. Two of the nine flags were found on SU’s campus and returned to us only to be stolen again,” Handlan told the Orange Street News.

The University has been very helpful and sympathetic, according to Handlan.

Handlan told the OSN that despite the repeated thievery, she was determined to proudly keep flying the American flag.

“The flag means a great deal to us especially since my husband is an Army veteran having served in Korea. I just wish others respected the flag as much we do!” Handlan told the Orange Street News.

Vandalism has been a serious problem in Selinsgrove.

On April 2nd, police claimed they caught Susquehanna University student allegedly ripping up the plants at the Commons

Menaces have been  stealing lights, egging houses, defacing gravestones, damaging local businesses, and even leaving drugs at the park.

Police told residents to keep their cars in their garage to prevent damage.

The Borough promises a fifth police officer will be on patrol this Spring.

2 comments on “EXCLUSIVE: Grove Woman Stands Up To Flag Thieves

  1. Roger Rogers
    April 20, 2016

    There is less crime in Sunbury



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